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The tavern "Suur Töll" menu

Main dishes

House dish of Suur Töll 15.90€

wild boar, pork, chicken, roasted potatoes with beer-cream souce

“Wild boar from Saaremaa” 14.50€

wild boar with potatoes

Saaremaa red deer stroganoff with chantarelle sauce 12.50€
Pork chop with bacon, honey cabbage, potatoes and creamy sauce 8.80€
Breaded pork with flavored butter and mushroom sauce 8.90€
Spicy pork with onion, bell pepper and roasted potatoes 8.90€
Chicken shnitzel with rice & Ukrainian cheese sauce 8.80€
Fried salmon with shrimp and caviar sauce 15.90€
Herring with boiled potatoes and onions 6.90€
Codfish fillet with boild potatoes and cheese wild garlic sauce 10.20€
Chicken pasta with basil 6.20€

pasta, chiken, olive, basil, tomato, cheese

Creamy ham pasta with Parmesan cheese 6.20€

pasta, ham, Parmesan cheese, parsley

Pasta with vegetables 6.20€

pasta, vegetables, Parmesan cheese