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Legend of Suur Töll

The inhabitants of the island of Saaremaa have always been a tough and brave seafaring nation. In the olden times, their hero – Suur Töll – ruled over them. He was much taller and mightier than the others. In the times of peace, he worked in the fields and built houses. Töll’s wife, Piret, was also tall and strong and she was the home maker of their family.

One day, Piret sent Töll to get cabbages from a neighboring island of Ruhnu, so that she could make some soup. When the soup was ready and Töll was eating, they heard people running outside. Two messengers from Sõrve rushed in. “Trouble! Trouble! Help us, Töll!” they shouted.

“The enemies have arrived in Sõrve. They crash our houses and destroy our people!” the men complained. At once, Töll the Great was ready to help.

Besides the intruders, Töll the Great had a much more cunning enemy – the Devil (Vanapagan), who did whatever he could to make Töll stumble. Töll drove him away into the sea and lay down to rest.

Saaremaa now had times of peace. Piret died, but young Töll grew and settled in his own house. Töll the Great lived on his own home in Tõlluste and worked around the house.

Unexpectedly, there were some bad news from Sõrve again. An enemy had come from the west and landed in Sõrve. Töll rushed there. He fought with much bravery, but the enemy forces were stronger than him and he was wounded lethally.

The message about Töll’s death travelled like the wind all over Saaremaa, Sõrve and Muhu island. The hero was buried on the moors of Sööre, just as he had wished. Mourning clothes were worn in the hero’s memory for thirty days.

To this day, the islanders believe that in case of a great threat to the land he so dearly loved, Töll will wake up and help his people.

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