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You can participate in various workshops that take place at Holiday Village Suur Töll.

We can offer you the following workshops:

1. Creating pictures using coloured crystals 1 h / Price for up to 10 people 90.00€
In this workshop, we use watercolour crystals and water sprays to create beautiful pictures and background images.

2. Box decorating 1 h / Price for up to 10 people 120.00€
We use acrylic paints, napkins and decoupage glue. Each participant gets to decorate a box, which they can keep, in a style that suits them.

3. Card making 1.5 h / Price for up to 10 people 120.00€
In the course of this workshop, we use different materials, cut-outs and colours to create cards.

4. Jar decorating (to use as a vase, lantern) 1 h / Price for up to 10 people 90.00€
We use different techniques and tools to turn a jar into a lantern or a vase.

5. Creating reflective dragonflies 1 h / Price for up to 10 people 80.00€
Using pearls and reflective fabrics, we create fun reflective dragonflies.

6. Candle making 1 h / Price for up to 10 people 170,00€
In this workshop, we decorate candles with different images and texts.

7. Notebook decorating 1 h / Price for up to 10 people 180.00€
You learn how to decorate a notebook using various techniques.

8. Making a dream catcher 2 h / Price for up to 10 people 160.00€
In this workshop, each participant will create their own personal dream catcher.

9. Box decorating using a mixed-media technique, includes photo transfer onto the box 3-4 h / Price for up to 10 people 400,00€
Each participant receives a box which will be decorated with various materials to create different textures. We also add one picture onto the cover of the box using photo transfer.

10. Miniature stained glass workshop 2-3 h / Price for up to 6 people 160,00€
An introductory workshop, during which the participants produce a 3-4-piece stained glass panel with the Tiffany technique (angel, butterfly, ship). This includes creating a design, cutting the glass, grinding the edges, using copper tape and finally soldering the details together. Suitable for ages 10 and over.

11. Glass heart 30 min-1 h / Price for up to 10 people 120.00€
Each participant creates a glass heart in their favourite colour, which can be worn as jewellery or used as a window decoration.

12. Glass mosaic 2-3 h / Price for up to 8 people 160,00€
In this workshop, we create mosaics made of pieces of coloured glass. The workshop will help you acquire glass mosaic preparing/making skills, learn design, glueing and frame finishing.

13. Glass mosaic “Flower pot cover” 2 days / Price for up to 8 people 220,00€
First day 2-3 h – Each participant produces a flower pot cover decorated with pieces of coloured glass. This workshop helps you learn how to prepare/make, design and glue glass mosaics.
Second Day 1 h – Jointing and finishing. (If you prefer to skip the jointing then the work will be completed on the first day of the course.)